I am an associate professor of professional writing, and come to Medium to share my research and thoughts in useful ways. My academic explorations of intersections between language, technology, and writing have led me to various topics here on Medium.

🤖 Ethics around artificial intelligence and the right ways writers should be using Ai writing tools.

🎭️ How new technologies like Ai create opportunities for innovation in poetry and other forms of writing. (I also use Ai to write poems.)

🏛️ Understanding how ancient rhetorical philosophies help us understand new writing technologies.

💵 How people in the creator economy build trust and develop ethical approaches to creating content for their audiences.

👨‍🏫 How these new ways of thinking can make our teaching more effective.

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Lance Cummings PhD

Lance Cummings PhD

Using technology & writing to build communities of goodwill between the classroom and the workplace.