Lance Cummings is an associate professor of English in the Professional Writing program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. In addition to researching histories of rhetoric, Dr. Cummings explores rhetoric and writing in technologically and linguistically diverse contexts in both his research and teaching. Recently, he has been researching writing communities in multi-national corporations in Wilmington, NC and Krakow, Poland, which appears in Computers & Composition and Writing Spaces.

His work on rhetoric and multimodality has appeared in Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies, President Donald Trump and His Political Discourse, and Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. His work on comparative, religious rhetorics has appeared in The Routledge Handbook of Comparative World Rhetorics, Spreading Protestant Modernity, Res Rhetorica, and Rhetoric, Professional Communication, and Globalization.


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Lance Cummings PhD

Lance Cummings PhD

I write about the right use of ancient and new technologies to create new ways of thinking with writing … what I call iSophistry. 🤖 🏛️