Saying goodbye to a 120-year-old failed technology

I’m finally doing it this semester. I’m getting rid of grades in my writing classroom. It’s been a long time coming. As with many things, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed it over the edge. Why continue supporting a 20th-century technology that demonstrably does not work?

Honestly, I’ve tried to…

Well… it can be almost anything, really.

Essays didn’t always exist. Most scholars credit the French magistrate Michel de Montaigne for the invention of this genre. Realizing that thinkers need more than just formal academic writing to develop knowledge, Montaigne wanted a kind of writing that is more flexible and personal. He wanted to get quick feedback…

What it means to infomate

To be a digital writer, you must infomate.

Okay, that’s a weird word.

“Don’t you mean informate?” Wait, that’s weird, too.

No, I meant infomate … one of the most useful words I’ve found to describe the digital writing process. Back in the 1990’s, writing scholars saw the potential for…

Treating text as reality

Roam research is the perfect postmodern writing tool because it treats all text equally, understands structure as constantly becoming, and sees knowledge as serendipitous.

The postmodernists define themselves in opposition to modernism. As a movement, they claim that “everything is language.” Objective reality cannot exist independently from how we construct…

Lance Cummings PhD

writing professor & rhetorician — where philosophy, communication, technology intersect.

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